diarrhea weakness

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you need most of Neuroscience to answer your Q.

everything that happens within out bodies has 'cognitive' correlates.

there to major 'subsystems' within the CNS the 'protopathic system is
diffusely organized. the 'epicritic system' is precisely organized.

when =any= 'malaise' condition occurs, the relative quantity of
'diffusely'-ordered activation that occurs within the protopathic system
increases. (the 'autonomic nervous system' acts, in a correlated way, as a
servo mechanism that assures that all systems are aligned with respect to
the CNS 'state'.)

the increased diffusely-ordered activation is a normal 'portion' of the
activation that enters into convergence upon muscle activations.

so when the quantity of diffusely-ordered activation increases, the degree
to which convergence can occur with respect to effector-driving decreases.

hence, the relative musculature 'weakness'.

the information-processing logic of this set of things is that, because the
body is experiencing a 'malaise' condition, it's conducive to survival to
'place a veil upon' the body's degree of behavioral 'robustness', so it
doesn't, inadvertently, manifest behaviors that will result in it's having
to enter 'combat' in the midst of its 'malaise' condition.

the logic is, recover from the 'malaise' condition before taking 'risks'...
and it's 'just' another view on the awesome integration with which our
nervous systems are engineered.

a more-specific example of these things is discussed in a footnote of AoK's
'short-paper'... 'limping after spraining one's ankle'.

ken collins

[p. s. i do not miss the possibility that you're just goofin' on me. goof
all you want, but i tend not to goof-back. the nervous system is
too-Beautiful to goof-around with. KPC]

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> > decreased muscle tone is 'normal' during any 'illness', don't worry
> about it
> > unless it occurs in a way that shows no correlation to bodily
> malaise. if
> > so, see a doctor.
> >
> > ken collins
> >
> Thanks for your input but my question still goes unanswered.  I'm not
> speaking of decreased muscle tone but something that happens within
> minutes.  I'm curious as to what neurological mechanism causes people
> to have weak legs when experiencing diarrhea.
> >
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