Researchers develop first potential schizophrenia genetic animal model

Ken Collins KPaulC at
Sun Sep 5 18:09:44 EST 1999

i wasn't aware of such, so i really can't comment, but =if= it's so, it only
reinforces the position i've discussed... the world is exceedingly
right-hand-engineered, and being thrust into such, after having been
familiar with only a left-hand-co-operative environment, would tend the way
i've discussed.

you see, Richard, most of what's held to be 'genetic' totally ignores the
fact that our nervous systems become in accord with that which we

this has a deceptively-'genetic'-wellspring appearance, but it's all 'just'
the generalized processor (which =is= genetically-defined) processing
information as the Evolutionary Engineer has engineered it to process

folks ignore the fact that 'atypical' experiential circumstances by-produce
'atypical' behavioral propensities via =completely= 'normal'
information-processing dynamics.

and then, in their ignorance, they 'slam the door', that's just sitting
there, all wide-open, and through which those who've, through environmental
happenstance, =could= pass, if only the 'door' hadn't been slammed by

when all of this is pondered in fullness, it becomes apparent that its stuff
constitutes pretty-much the ultimate Human Tragedy... folks who 'hold the
keys', and who are looked-to to provide enlightenment to the general
population, 'slamming the door', instead.

it's as Ugly as things get.

K. P. Collins

Richard Lanyon <rlanyon at> wrote in message
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> On Sun, 5 Sep 1999 02:59:54 -0400, Ken Collins wrote:
> > nope... "schizophrenia" is as it's described in AoK, it happens when the
> > brain's neural activation becomes relatively-random. it has no 'genetic'
> > basis beyond that of the DNA's 'normal' 'blueprint' for the nervous
> So how do you explain the fact that SZ is much more common in
> left-handers than right-handers?
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> Richard
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