Scientists provide first detailed maps of wiring circuitry in the living human brain

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Sun Sep 5 18:29:22 EST 1999

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> On Sun, 5 Sep 1999 02:10:59 -0400, Ken Collins wrote:
> > > The study, published in today's issue of Proceedings of the National
> > > Academy
> > > of Sciences, also may provide a way to tell if behavioral differences
> > > among
> > > people partly result from differences in the way their brains are
> > nope... be-cause individual brains can, over 'time' vary their internal
> > 'wiring' dynamically...
> Yes, but the brain is not equally plastic on all scales - it's most
> plastic on the smallest scale, whereas this research is targeted at
> fibre-bundle connections between areas which are largely defined on
> the scale of gross anatomy.

i stand on what i've posted... the scale at which 'plasticity' occurs is a
continuum thing, relative to energy usage within the nervous system... and
stuff like 'phantom limb' studies disclose that it needn't be
'microscopic'... but will add, here, that, if all that's being discussed are
the long fiber pathways, these were well deliniated, through pains-taking
Neuroanatomical studies, decades ago.

and one more thing with respect to 'non-intermingling'... if there was no
intermingling within fiber pathways, nothing could be connected to anything.

if the researchers are talking about 'whole-route intermingling' that's
implausible with nothing more than the stuff of decades-ago studies, too,
because whole-route intermingling of fibers would require the useless
lengthening of fibers, lengthening of response latencies, increase in the
size of nervous system 'areas'... all of which decrease survival propensity.

one of the ways in which TD E/I-minimization is actualized within the
nervous system is in the minimization of neural fiber lengths... it's a
g'zillion-node "Traveling Salesman Problem", elegantly solved, and resolved,
on milli-second 'time' scale, by our nervous systems, =and= by their elegant
genetic, generalized-processor design.

K. P. Collins

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