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> bj: "wdb2t"?

'wdb2t' is an acronym for the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder
that is 'what's described by 2nd Thermo'.

it's from 'Tapered Harmony' (TH), which is a theory of physical reality that
i developed.

BTW, in TH, physical reality is continuous... no 'particles' exist... the
samllest relatively-discrete things are 'atoms', but these occur energy
trapped, during some creation violence (be-cause the ratio of a sphere's
volume to its surface area varies nonlinearly as a 'static' quantity of
energy is 'compressed' into a smaller volume), as spherical standing wave
'compression'-'expansion' harmonics within a surrounding, aether-like but
flowing, Universal energy supply.

what've been referred to as 'atoms' are actually SSW<->UES harmonics.

there's a continuous exchange of energy between the SSW<->UES harmonics and
the rest of the UES.

the illusion of the 'existence' of 'quanta' is due to the flowing-ness of
the UES, which is just continuous. the half-lives of man-made 'sub-atomic
particles' disclose the UES's flowing-ness... if the detritus of slamming
two SSW<->UES harmonics together does not 'contain' energy sufficient to set
up a smaller stable SSW<->UES harmonic, that energy just dissipates back to
the UES as it's post-collision-violence harmonics 'settle-down'.

the same sort of thing occurs in electric and electronic circuitry... it's
all just a continuous flowing... the illusion of there being
'electron'-quantity 'particles' is due to the same dynamics that produce
'waves' at the seashore... alternation between presurization and
rarification... energy flows where it's most free to flow, so when it's
easier for energy to flow in any direction other than in the direction of a
high amplitude, energy does so, and the amplitude of the wave seems to
constitute a 'discrete' thing, but it's all just the result of continuous
energy's flowing to where its most free to move.

there's much more, of course. i'll discuss it all in the future.

ken collins

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