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Mon Sep 6 05:01:08 EST 1999

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> there'll just be one man standing-firm on behalf of Truth, it's worth, its
> ramifications for all of us.

People do not want to see certain aspects of Truth (or "how things are").
And we ALL have evolved in accordance with the AEVASIVE sub-principle of
natural selection to become just that. However it is possible to *be*
AEVASIVE in many different ways. ;-)

The way you sub-understand your own terminology (short-hand) is not that
easy for ordinary folks to emulate. Perhaps you could find some way of
explaining things in yet another illuminating way but from a slightly
different angle or by using a somewhat differently coloured light.?

You know -- it is possible to rephrase much of the key point you have made
in the posts available on my screen. No doubt though, that your descriptions
of what is going on are intellectually complementary to much scientific and
social-emotional knowledge and insight.
Peter F

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