SV: Capacity of the brain

Ken Collins KPaulC at
Tue Sep 7 05:19:21 EST 1999

i stand on what i posted. i meant no 'offense'. it's just that there's no
'point' is diverging from Truth.

k. p. collins

Jan Vorbrueggen <jan at> wrote in
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> "Ken Collins" <KPaulC at> writes:
> > > Quite so. I'd say the three-dimensional character of the wiring and
> > > plasticity is what makes otherwise inferior hardware that performant.
> > > our estimate of the complexity of a single cortical neuron is still
> > > growing.
> > >
> > > On the other hand, cortex runs at less than 100 Hz. The difference in
> > > operating frequency of about 10^7, currently, can make up for a lot.
> >
> > Forgive me, please... 'inferior hardware'?
> >
> > surely, you jest?
> Of course not. I pointed out a few things that I consider to be the
> and disadvantages of mammallian cortex over current technology. And those
> eexactly the points you raise in this and later posts. Before you go on a
> again, check out my background and the work our group's being doing.
> Jan

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