Memory or psychosis?

Martin Knopman mknopman at
Wed Sep 8 21:38:43 EST 1999

The question, with psychosis, is: "can one tell the difference between
sensory data that is generated internally and data that is fed in from the
physical senses?"  There need be no reference to 'reality'.

By this criterion, day dreaming (in the usual sense) is clearly not
psychotic, but (sleep) dreaming usually is.

I understand that there is a separate issue of people whose interpretive
complexes do not work corectly, but I want to leave that for now.

As far as memory goes, when one is performing almost any task, his awareness
of the world around him is diminshed (i.e. he is out of touch with reality).
For example: playing the piano, working on a riddle, playing baseball, etc.
which is why I said that your requirement was too general.

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