Memory or psychosis?

LoonyL. laim at
Thu Sep 9 11:40:47 EST 1999

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999 22:38:43 -0400, "Martin Knopman"
<mknopman at> wrote:

>The question, with psychosis, is: "can one tell the difference between
>sensory data that is generated internally and data that is fed in from the
>physical senses?"  There need be no reference to 'reality'.

Ok thanks
>By this criterion, day dreaming (in the usual sense) is clearly not
>psychotic, but (sleep) dreaming usually is.
>I understand that there is a separate issue of people whose interpretive
>complexes do not work corectly, but I want to leave that for now.
>As far as memory goes, when one is performing almost any task, his awareness
>of the world around him is diminshed (i.e. he is out of touch with reality).
>For example: playing the piano, working on a riddle, playing baseball, etc.
>which is why I said that your requirement was too general.
Thanks for clearing that up.


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