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>>Greetings Everyone,
>>  I have a question for you, I hope someone is able to help.
>>  Is the human brain, void of dieases,under some pressure? Can this
>>pressure be measured in CFS fluid? If so, please explain.
>>  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
>>  Thank You.
>Normal range of CSF pressure is about 60-180 mm H2O , when measured with
>a standard manometer at lumbar puncture.
>I hope you don't mind my asking, but are you really a med.student? If
>so, I presume your medical school has a library, where you will be able
>to discover basic facts about human physiology. Surely more rewarding
>than fishing for such information on Usenet?
>Nick Medford


A cursory look at Guyton, Textbook of Medical Physiology shows
in the index "Cerebrospinal fluid, pressure of ".  I am sure any
physiology or internal medicine text would show something similar.

But, then again, when I lose things at home I generally just yell out,
"honey, where is the xxxx" rather than getting up to look for myself!

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