SV: Capacity of the brain

Ian Stirling root at
Sat Sep 11 14:18:26 EST 1999

Claudio Tagliola <9638644 at> wrote:
>>Moores Law, named for Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, states that
>>microprocessor performance doubles every 18 months.  It's a "soundbite"
>>law, based on previous performance, rather than anything as concrete as
>>atomic characteristics.

>Moore's law has been broken by the arrival of the new AMD K7 chips,
>the speed has been doubled within 18 months and if one's to believe AMD's
>capabilities, this speed increase is legit. But this law held up extemely
>suprisingly for this business.

Not really.
I suspect that if you plot it accurately, you will find similar
positive and negative excursions on the graph.

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