Cognition and multicellular development

Doug Klimesh dougklim at
Sun Sep 12 11:26:58 EST 1999

Y-chat at wrote:
> I did not intend to conjure up some metaphysical communication system in
> the studies of the neural /chemical events of these microscopic slime
> molds, see :
> Almost all of these papers indicate there is an  "unknown" signalling
> system that INSTIGATES the aggregation.
> In a leap forward evolutionarily, I might also refer to Frans De Waal's
> book "Good Natured" which deals with the origins of right and wrong in
> humans and other animals.
> Since there seems to be a clear connection between cooperation, language
> development and intelligence, it may be that the unravelling of the
> puzzle of the little slime mold's urge to merge may open a new world of
> understanding of the meaning and methodology of human consciousness.

The actual link is

I don't see anything to indicate that the unknown signal that instigates
aggregation is not chemical.

Dr. Firtel at states
"...The multicellular organism is formed by chemotactic aggregation
mediated by pulses of
extracellular cAMP that activate a classic heterotrimeric G
protein-coupled receptor (cAR) signal transduction cascade, which
regulates the relay of cAMP, chemotactic movement, and aggregation-stage
gene expression (Fig.A). Upon mound formation, the cAMP signal switches
from an oscillatory to a more continuous signal. This inhibits the
aggregation pathways and activates a transcriptional cascade that leads
to cell-type differentiation and morphogenesis..."

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