Cognition and multicellular development

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Sun Sep 12 16:03:34 EST 1999

Thank you for giving the correct address.

The impeccable research of the chemical and molecular processes of the
worlds within worlds of this microscopic cell clearly shows the
discovered methodology of aggregation and cell differentiation. However,
Dr. Firtel does not have an answer for the basic question, what
signaling mechanism gets the single cell started on it's glorious
adventure into multicellularity.

In his summary he states "Our goal is to identify and characterize NEW
PARADIGMS (my caps) for signal transduction pathways."

Some admittedly out of context quotes from the research papers.
findings provide new insights into the function of Rho family members,
their role in cell movement, and in other diverse processes that may
include neuronal path finding"     

"Our findings suggest a new paradigm of spatial and temporal control
-------- required for cell-cycle progression"

As another hypothetical leap may I refer to the work of Dr Peter H Raven
in the field of biodiversity, particularly in the area of co-evolution,
where differing species have evolved as mutually dependent on each

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