East Timor

Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Mon Sep 13 20:18:28 EST 1999

Sorrowful Tradgedy, needlessly repeated.

it's not the 'army over there' that's been murdering innocents.

i long for the day when i'll no longer be Obliged to set such matters

K. P. Collins

[p. s. i caught discussion by an extremely-wise lady, on PBS _The News Hour
with Jim Leherer_ tonight (Mon, 13Sep99), that pointed out that events in
East Timor constitute a 'prediction' with respect to future events in China.

i'm left, with jaw hanging-down, 'wondering' if folks'll continue to take a
'wait-and-see' attitude toward such unthinkably powerful consequences of the
prevailing silence. how much longer will Truth be withheld from folks who'll
suffer be-cause Truth has been withheld from them? kpc]

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