SV: Capacity of the brain

Gene Wirchenko genew at
Mon Sep 13 22:16:10 EST 1999

Terje Mathisen <Terje.Mathisen at> wrote:

>Ian Young wrote:
>> Although, my computer can do square roots pretty damned fast.
>> I, however, cannot. And I bet your dog doens't even have a clue what
>> a square root is.
>Sure it does: A square root is just like a round or gnarly root: The dog
>knows very well that it must avoid tripping on it while chasing your

set bowser on

     Roots are roots!  Who cares what shape?  If it's big enough to
see, it's probably from a tree.  Excuse me while I go mark my
territory.  Ah!

     What's that?  Another UFO?  <jump>  <chomp>

set bowser off

     Maybe dogs are MIB wannabes?


Gene Wirchenko

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     I have preferences.
     You have biases.
     He/She has prejudices.

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