SV: Capacity of the brain

Will Dwinnell predictor at
Tue Sep 14 08:32:10 EST 1999

Ken Collins wrote:
Richard Lanyon wrote:
"groan... i stand on what i've posted.

Richard Lanyon responded:
"That's your choice. But the essence of science is that other people
have to stand on what you've posted."

Ken Collins answered:

that's the escence of 'politics'.

Science seeks Truth, not 'popularity'."

How are we to know truth?  Not being born knowing all, we must discover
it.  Others have reasoned that notions which enter the market of ideas
should be put to the test of examination by other minds.  Yet your
reponse to all challenges has been (as above) to "stand on" what you've
written without defending it.

Will Dwinnell

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