SV: Capacity of the brain

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Tue Sep 14 05:36:28 EST 1999

Richard Lanyon <rlanyon at> wrote in message
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> On Mon, 13 Sep 1999 21:09:05 -0400, Ken Collins wrote:
> > groan... i stand on what i've posted.
> That's your choice. But the essence of science is that other people
> have to stand on what you've posted.

and... the implication inherent in your post is hilarious... i've been
begging, for decades, for folks to allow me to help them understand.

folks understand... they just "can't" bring themselves to admit it.

guess that'll have to 'do-it' for me.

doesn't matter to me, anyway, i've got this 'fine' melanoma bursting out,
all grissled, with vascularization at its base, and no medical insurance.

"it's too-late for me."

"buy, buy, buy!"

sad cheers,

K. P. Collins

[p. s. is this the week of the Nobels? if so, please get it over with...
fast. kpc]

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