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Tue Sep 14 05:38:34 EST 1999

if anyone 'wonders', it's this 'sneak-preview' flick that 'set me off'. i
was crushed that my same-choice was taken out of my hands, without ever
having a chance.


Ken Collins <KPaulC at> wrote in message
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> took a break to catch a 'sneak-preview', tonight, of _For Love of the
> i found it to be 'just' one of the best movies i've ever seen. left me
> weeping with Joy, in the context of the plot, and with sorrow within a
> more-general context. Enormously-moving, extremely-well-done, Flick.
> Spectacularly-good 'psychological' portrayals. it's a keeper.
> while i'm 'reviewing' movies, i saw _The Sixth Sense_ a while back... "I
> dead people. They only see what they want to see." (another keeper...
> powerful and deep on a 'psychological level'. see it twice :-)
> reminder re. _The Iron Giant_. if you've not yet taken your Children to
> it, you'll be glad you did. instant classic, forever-useful in
> special-stuff between Children and Parents. keeper.
> Nice Work Hollywood. Thank you for holding folks, so-Thoughtfully in your
> 'hearts' (and hearts). please keep it up, and get stronger, in the same
> what you do makes such an enormous difference for all of us. (yes, it's a
> lot of work, but folks are worth your efforts... and isn't it Fun to do
> work Successfully?)
> Cheers, K. P. Collins (ken)
> [p. s. why these 'reviews' here in bionet.neuroscience? because it's all
> 'Neuroscience', and it's important to lift-up folks who do the
> 'Neuroscience' well on behalf of Humanity.]

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