SV: Capacity of the brain

Ken Collins KPaulC at
Tue Sep 14 06:18:02 EST 1999

yeah, sure.

look, i got cross-posted into who-knows-where, and i don't care to explain

K. P. Collins

Will Dwinnell <predictor at> wrote in message
news:37DE4E5A.76BB at
> Ken Collins wrote:
> Richard Lanyon wrote:
> "groan... i stand on what i've posted.
> Richard Lanyon responded:
> "That's your choice. But the essence of science is that other people
> have to stand on what you've posted."
> Ken Collins answered:
> "no.
> that's the escence of 'politics'.
> Science seeks Truth, not 'popularity'."
> How are we to know truth?  Not being born knowing all, we must discover
> it.  Others have reasoned that notions which enter the market of ideas
> should be put to the test of examination by other minds.  Yet your
> reponse to all challenges has been (as above) to "stand on" what you've
> written without defending it.
> Will Dwinnell

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