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Tue Sep 14 06:40:17 EST 1999

Will Dwinnell <predictor at> wrote in message
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> Ken Collins wrote:
> "but i cannot agree with much of anything that Kurzewiel said.
> the point was repeatedly made that machines can 'clone' programs in a
> matter
> of seconds, and thereafter, 'share' similar capabilities.
> it's hilarious... what machines actually share, as a result of such, is
> the
> inability to program themselves in any way that contradicts their shared
> program."
> While I agree that Kurzweil is a technological optimist (to say the
> least!), your second passage (above) does not logically imply the third
> passage (also above).  The ability to easily and quickly duplicate
> programming does not in any way imply an inability to program one's
> self.

good grief!

i'd be incorrect if i'd've said what you've said i said, but i didn't, did

'go away' until you learn to read.

K. P. Collins

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