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Tue Sep 14 09:52:17 EST 1999

Ken Collins <KPaulC at> wrote:

: i caught an interview of Mr. Kurzewiel [...]

: but i cannot agree with much of anything that Kurzewiel said. [...]

: another point Kursewile brought up was with respect to the implantation of
: 'helping' circuitry into brains. [...] while such implants are useful
: with respect to deficit conditions, any such stuff applied to intact nervous
: systems will, necessarily, decrease the information-processing power of
: those nervous systems... render them incomplete in significant ways.

How so?  I extend the processing power of my bain on a daily basis -
by interfacing it to my computer, via visual and tactile feedback.
This enables me to do a number of things I would otherwise find
to be next-to impossible.

I don't see how the exact location of the processing hardware will
suddenly render this type of man-machine interface worthless.

: it's my analysis that everything Kursewiel said was calculated, solely, with
: respect to keeping the money flowing into so-called 'AI'...

I doubt that.  He's expressing his veiws - I don't think that he's
deliberately trying to cultivate a misunderstanding for the benefit
of AI workers.

: his discussion was devoid of understanding of how nervous systems process
: information, and in such, constitutes a great injustice to all people,
: everywhere.

I doubt any disrespect was intended.  For the most part, I seem to agree
with Kurzweil, and to disagree with you.

: if folks in 'AI' do not care enough about nervous systems to understand how
: they process information, folks in 'AI' should steer clear of discussing
: 'what it is' that nervous systems do.

I don't see why this should follow.  It seems to me you can make
intelligent statements about the operation of "black boxes" even
*if* you are completely ignorant about their workings.

: your 'non-chalance' with respect to promulgating your Ignorance, in the name
: of 'profits', is breath-takingly Offensive, to the point of laying the
: foundation for mass-Murder.

This looks like you're grinding your own personal axe, here.

I don't see Kurzweil expressing "ignorant" points of view, by and large,
let alone laying the foundation for mass murder.

If you have specific criticisms, then feel free to make them.
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