Head transplants in the near future, says doctor September 9, 1999

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Head transplants in the near future, says doctor   September 9, 1999

Dr. Robert White says he's sometimes labeled a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein.
It's no wonder. He's 'successfully' given monkeys head transplants and hopes
to see them done on humans.
"The time has come when the technical and biotechnological possibilities of
the human brain or head transplant is coming to reality," says White, a
professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Head transplants. It's an idea that's hard to get your head around (pardon
the pun). One reason is because the terminology is a little misleading. A
head transplant wouldn't be for someone who may want a new brain, but for
people who desire new, healthy bodies. In other words, the term 'body
transplant' might be more apt. The idea sounds like it's from a bad sci-fi
movie, but it's not. Dr. White is quite serious. He thinks whole body
transplants would be beneficial for quadriplegics.

The 21st century will be the century of the brain. sustaining and
maintaining the brain," says White. "I think it's got a very very bright


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