SV: Capacity of the brain

Ken Collins KPaulC at
Thu Sep 16 02:47:37 EST 1999

i have a hypertext doc that explains the fundamentals. it's about 387k
zipped and expands to about a meg. it runs under DOS or Windows (3.1 up). i
send it, gratis, to anyone who can run the 'book' and who wants to receive a

the discussion has been going on online for more than a decade, Will, and a
decade before that, offline. i can't begin anew in every msg.

i Apologize for not explaining right-off. it's just that i'm 'incredulous'
with respect to folks in 'AI' who claim to know nothing of NDT... it's
possible, but extremely-improbable.

still, i was Wrong in not just explaining.

K. P. Collins

Will Dwinnell <predictor at> wrote in message
news:37DF9654.4962 at
> Ken Collins wrote:
> "look, i got cross-posted into who-knows-where, and i don't care to
> explain further."
> That's perfectly fine.  Of course, you'll return excuse the rest of us
> if we won't buy your ideas without further explanation.
> Will Dwinnell

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