up-to-date values for dendrite model

Seguier Renaud.Seguier at supelec.fr
Thu Sep 16 03:24:47 EST 1999


I'm searching for latest value about the membrane time constant,
membrane capacitance and membrane resistance. I
heard that those values change in 90th with patch clamp technique.
My problem is to know if we are sure that spatial sommation exist in the
Are the shapes of the PSP very different one from an other ?
Are those differences coming from different location of synapses on the
dendritic tree ? But if Rm is very high : the
is very compact so the shape of a PSP just on the location of the
synapse is the same as the shape of this PSP on the
Maybe the neurone is effectively very compact, but the shape of
different PSP can also be different because of the
synapses can create different shape of PSP ?

Sorry for those very innocent questions, but Thanks a Lot for the hoped
replied !

PS. Sorry for my very very very poor English ...

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