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> now, go back to the beginning of this discussion with an awareness of how
> 'randomness' can be generated, experientially, within the nervous system.
> (i've gone over the basics repeatedly in our News Group, and discussions
> examples are distributed throughout AoK. it's important stuff.) impose
> 'abnormal' 'randomness', enduringly, and sure as Sun rises in the morning,
> 'schizophrenia'-like dynamics follow. it's all explained in AoK.

it's why NTD's understanding is so useful... the understanding allows one to
pass through the 'zone of randomness' (AoK, Ap4) unscaithed.

this occurs as is discussed in AoK, Ap 5, 7, 8.

the understanding comes to have physical existence, in the form of
microscopic trophic modifications in prefrontal cortex. subsequently, the
neural circuitry enhanced with these micromods enable one to transform
'randomness' conditions, with respect to which volition (Free Will) is not
possible, into conditions with respect to which volition is possible.

this is the transformation that slays the 'Beast'.

it's the most-wonderful physical stuff that i know of.

everything i do is done with my 'heart' set on presenting its stuff to folks
as a Gift.

the 'difficulty', inherent, is that, =before= folks possess the
understanding, all of the extremely-unfamiliar stuff that the understanding
entails tends, strongly, to cause folks to experience elevated TD E/I. the
typical result of such is that folks, lacking the understanding, 'move away
from' the understanding, and, thus, never gain it.

it's a very-difficult problem, the existence of which is addressed in a
footnote of AoK, Ap10.

the way i've addressed this huge problem, in the things i post, is to
'dance' all around  it, drawing closer to bridging the gap in understanding
via successive approximations that only expose folks to TD E/I(up) that's
within the range of coping of the 'inverting reward mechanism' (AoK, Ap5).

the work inherent wears folks down (overall TD E/I increases beyond the
range of coping of the inverting reward mechanism), and, when that happens,
lower-'level' supersystem configuration mechanisms take over control of the
nervous system, and folks 'move away from', robustly.

at such 'times', i've had to 'just' break-off, and allow folks to
'settle-in', knowing that progress has been made, and that my next
'starting-point' will be a bit further along than was the last.

and so forth.

but the 'time' has come where the mechanism of volition (the stuff of AoK,
Ap7) must be communicated.

i'd so-much prefer to do this in-person.

it's a sorrow that, in this place where i work, nothing i've done has won
such a presentation opportunity for the understanding.

it's a 'moving away from' that's withholding the understanding from folks
in-general, and, thereby, relegating them to the ravages of the 'Beast',
Abstract Ignorance.

but, anyway, i just thought, since i discussed the effects of 'randomness'
upon the neural topology, and my own 'journeys', back and forth, the 'zone
of randomness', it's 'time' to explain how it is that i go 'there'
unencumbered because the understanding makes it practical to do so.

i'll also explain long-former (way back in another online 'place') comments
with respect to 'incomplete comprehension of NDT's stuff'. i said, back
then, that to grasp the understanding only incompletely is 'the
most-dangerous thing there is'.

it's so, because folks, incompletely-prepared, might 'wander' into the 'zone
of randomness', and 'get-lost' in-there... and not be able to complete their

it's why, i've had to proceed with pains-taking slowness.

it's why i've had to guard against anything 'catching-fire'.

it's, basically, why i've presented myself in-'clown-face'.

i've always had, in-mind, the physical reality inherent in folks' gaining
the understanding.

i'm going to continue, this way, because i've no rigorous confirmation that
anyone's grasped the understanding completely.

but i do have indication that some folks are, at least, close to doing so.
what's in this msg is strictly on behalf of these folks, because, although
i've got to continue on in 'clown-face' on behalf of folks who've still a
long way to go, the folks who're close to understanding in fullness will
have to choose not to be deterred by what i do on behalf of those who still
have a long way to go.

it would all be so much easier if only i were allowed to function in the
'normal' way of Science.

this last comment needs a bit of explanation. it's 'old-long-since' that
i've understood that what's happened to me has been the result of some folks
having attempted to usurp what's in the understanding to their own ends.
they're 'powerful'. i'm just me. it was in my 'heart' to hold open the
'door', even to these folks, although they've been working against the
communication of the understanding, quite-without-mercy, for decades.

but it's the case that even these folks are now 'getting-it' with respect to
how thoroughly the future of Humanity depends upon the understanding, so
i've Hope, even with respect to these folks.

what i cannot do is 'pretend'.

my God is Truth.

i understand that, if folks're 'afraid' of Truth, folks'll have nothing to
do with me. they've no inkling with respect to Forgiveness.

if that's how it has to be, then so be it.

but folks should not allow their 'fear' to be a stumbling block with respect
to the understanding.

other matter:

this thing that i believe is melanoma, is behaving 'wildly'. it'd gotten
'big'... a little bit less than 1/2 inch, and protruding about 1/4 inch, all
within 5 weeks' 'time'. the day after i wrote of it online, it shrank down
to about 1/4 inch in diameter, and the capillary-ness at it's base
disappeared. after that, it shrunk more, and hardened. today, the
vascularization is back, and i'm watching to see if it increases in size.

i've no medical insurance, but if, for the record, there's an oncologist in
the Springfield, MA area, who'll evaluate this thing, gratis, i'll go to
him/her, and allow it. i do not ask for anything else. my 'problems' are
mine to deal with... just thought it's 'appropriate' for folks to have the
word of a Professional.

the 'timing' involved with the shrinkage is 'curious', and i'm wanting to
know if there's anyone who Prayed for me on the night of my original post,
or the day thereafter. if so, perhaps you'll send me a private note? if you
don't wish to 'be known', that's OK, but =Thank You=, whoever you are.

i'm Sorry.

i Understand that it all sounds like 'too-much', but this 'thing' caused me
to decide that i'd have to just do what remains to be done, lest 'time'
run-out before i do so. that's all that's going on.

K. P. Collins


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