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>Then there's Chinese flat perspective paintings.... someday I'm going to
>build a Chinese painting camera.  I envision some kind of autofocus
>telescope with a single pixel imaging device mounted to a big X/Y table. 
>You scan the "image" by moving the telescope (but the telescope is always
>perpendicular to the table).  Everything depicted in the resulting image is
>"actual size" and the viewer is not forced to accept the single
>European/fascist point of view decided upon by the artist :-)

It sounds like you're talking about orthographic projections.  You can
approximate the effect quite closely simply by taking a photo from a
long way off and using a long lens.

Is there a mirror configuration that would give the same effect?
Perhaps a large parabolic mirror with a pinhole lens at the focus?

>/*  jhallen at ( */               /* Joseph H. Allen */
>int a[1817];main(z,p,q,r){for(p=80;q+p-80;p-=2*a[p])for(z=9;z--;)q=3&(r=time(0)
>]?a[p+=a[p+=q]=q]=q:0:0;for(;q++-1817;)printf(q%79?"%c":"%c\n"," #"[!a[q-1]]);}

This maze program was an inspiration to me.  I modified it for a
50-line screen.  Later, I wrote a 'finger' program, a chat server, a
chat client, an ASCII turtle-graphics renderer, and a turtle-graphics
L-system fractal program, each to fit inside a .signature.  I posted
each of them to my kragen-hacks mailing list (which can be subscribed
to at kragen-hacks-subscribe at

Here are the chat client and server.

char a[99]="  KJ";main(int c,char**v){int s=socket(2,1,0);char*p,*t=strchr(*++v
write(s,a,c+9)>0)||exit(0);else while((c=read(s,a,99))>0)write(1,a,c);}

(more info at

/* By Kragen Sitaker, */
char a[99]="  KJ",d[999][16];main(){int s=socket(2,1,0),n=0,z,l,i;*(short*)a=2;

(If you want to run these on Linux, be aware that you need to change
the second argument of socket() from 1 to 2.)
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