Security and HCI aspects of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Paul Hargreaves email at
Mon Sep 27 10:29:19 EST 1999

>Readers of the newsgroup are well advised to
>consider far in advance of AI the computer security aspects of AI.
>It will be too late to build in security controls when the AI is
>on an equal IQ with humans and is about to wrest control from you.
>Since AI systems are being designed, coded and set free right now,
>don't say we didn't warn you by posting messages such as this one.
>the AI mind when the very act of observing the AI changes the AI.

I thought April fools day was only in April? Oh well.

Before anybody can develop an artifical intellegence, they have to figure
out how the conciousness works. Since we know so little about it, I'm not
planning on worrying.

Maybe one day we will be able to build true AI's, but probably not in my
life time.

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