Global Ischemia vs. Focal Ischemia

Bill Skaggs skaggs at
Wed Sep 29 09:20:26 EST 1999

"Adam Engel" <engel at> writes:

> My problem deals with the Global and Focal models of Cerebral Ischemia.  I
> have looked at numerous journals and textbooks, however I have not found one
> that explains the concepts of Focal and Global Ischemia efficiently.  Could
> someone please attempt to explain these concepts to me or rather suggest a
> source of material that could be of use to me.  Thanks in advance.

I believe that focal ischemia occurs when a specific portion of the
brain suffers from a diminished blood-oxygen supply, usually because
an artery is blocked or constricted.  Global ischemia means that the
entire brain suffers, sometimes because of suffocation or heart
problems.  That's all there is to it.

	-- Bill

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