Questions on Neural Structures and Auditory Pathways

duelund duelund at
Wed Sep 29 19:54:51 EST 1999

John skrev i meddelelsen <938591820.801051 at>...
>This hearing may be due to unstable oscillators in the basiliar membrane,
>which are extremely sensitive and become entrained by low energy signals,
>this way amplifying the signal. This may explain why we hear such low
>frequences but ...

These movements should be registered by the hair cells, and below 50 Hz this
doesn't take place. It is known that the fundamental tone can be somehow
calculated, which lead to actual registration down to around 25 Hz.
The infra bass is very clearly felt as also your example shows.

>I at least find it conceivable that the experience of hearing could
>represent a combination of sensations. What we hear with infra bass could
>a combination of tactile and auditory, but you don't direct need
>for this.

On this you may be right or wrong, but I would hope for connections to the
auditory cortex. We know from psycho-acoustics the frequency dependency of
LF-modulation to be linear from 0.5 to 8 Hz  weakened 10 dB from 8 to 32 and
again 10 dB from 32 to 64 Hz as a characteristic curvature. This could be a
guideline to which type of nerve cell would be responsible for this
I would see it to be strange if signals from two different sensations would
mix and interfere through modulation. No I'm sure this phenomenon is due to
a common pathway but where?

Thank you for answering my question.  Steen Duelund

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