Narcolepsy medics

Steve Palmer spalmer at
Wed Apr 5 09:09:51 EST 2000

>> What are the side-effects of the amphetamins in general and of the
>> in particular ?
>The side effects are pretty well known.....rapid heartbeat, insomnia,
>agitation, more rarely, heart problems, etc.
>Check for a full report.
>It will help narcolepsy, but maybe there's a way to increase the
>effectiveness of the modafinil without having to resort to taking ritalin

    I don't know much about Modafinil, but I take Ritalin and I have found
it completely harmless.  I have experienced absolutely no negative side
effects from it, apart from the fact that you can't take Ritalin and then
drink, say, five cups of coffee.

>You may not need ritalin at all.  Once you start getting into ritalin,
>adderall, etc, you acquire about as many problems as you solve, and you
>to deal with tolerence, dependence, etc.

    The only way you can get addicted to Ritalin is if you crush it and then
snort it like cocaine.
    There is a "high" that accompanies the first day or two of oral use, but
that's it.  You also have some appetite supression for the first couple of
days, but that goes away, too.  But the benefits, for me at least (I take it
for ADD), remain intact.

    Too many people are jumping blindly onto the anti-medication bandwagon
these days.  They don't even bother to read the research, or ask patients
whether or not the drugs are helping them.

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