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Sat Apr 8 07:16:08 EST 2000

I have a couple of questions about recovery from SAH and surgery
due to a ruptured aneurysm.

My partner recently had a SAH (about ten seconds from normal to
unconscious and vomiting with blinding headache inbetween) due to
a ruptured aneurysm. Today is SAH day 31, surgery to clamp the
aneurysm was completed successfully on SAH day 19 (also a shunt
was installed). A small rebleed occurred about SAH day 3 or 4
(only detected from angiogram results). Vasospasm about SAH day
8, seemed to stop after a day or two. Ventilated and sedated days
1 to 7, coherent but confused after that until operation. She
presently has no apparent mobility or neurological deficit apart
from a memory loss from SAH until operation. She also gets a
headache if she reads or writes. Yesterday she was discharged
from hospital and is walking slowly but not unsteady. Tires
quickly though. She has no medication prescribed as of yesterday.

When could she expect to read and write again (and use a
computer)? What's the best recovery time that could be expected
and what does it depend on? Is there information on the internet
about what things she should do and not do during recovery? I've
found that difficult to locate.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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