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> I was diagnosed Narcoleptic about 1 year ago and Neurologist told me
to take
> Modafinil 300mg/day.
> Today, I take 600mg/day and still do not feel good, fall asleep every
> morning when going to the office, and I also take 100mg Efexor
> (anti-depressant).
> Yesterday I met a specialist in sleep disorders who told me to stop
> efexor gradually and also to stop the modafinil. I will be treated
> methylphenidate (ritalin).
> What are the side-effects of the amphetamins in general and of the
> in particular ?
> Thank you.
You might consider posting to where CNS
alerting agents/medicines like Adderall, Caffeine compounds, Cylert,
Desoxyn, Dexedrine, and Ritalin used to treat the ADHD syndrome are
discussed. ADHD is the current (year 2000) name for what has been
previously termed:
The current edition of the PDR available through the local library
system lists medicines like Ritalin and what their side-effects are.
Some of the ADHD medicines are used to treat syndromes other than ADHD
including Narcolepsy/other conditions.  There are online newsgroups for
both Narcolepsy and Sleep Disorders also (which focus more on Narolepsy
and Sleep Disorders vs ADHD).

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