Narcolepsy medics

Steve Palmer spalmer at
Mon Apr 10 15:36:48 EST 2000

>Ritalin is an effective medication, used properly.  There's no doubt about
>that, but I think most people feel it's best to avoid a stimulant, if at
>possible.  The most well reasoned objection I've ever heard is that when
>take a stimulant, if speeds up the metabolism in your whole body, and
>therefore your whole body is oxidizing more fuel molecules and generating
>more superoxide radicals.

    Interesting.  Is there any research you know of on long-term
consequences of stimulant use?  (other than abuse, of course)

>Also, stimulants only treat the symptoms, they don't correct the underlying
>problem.  There is a better solution yet to be found to this problem.

    Can't deny that.

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