Publishing activity of EU and US in Neuroscience

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Tue Apr 11 03:00:45 EST 2000

In a R&D project or the EU, we created a 'landscape view' of the field
neuroscience on the basis of a bibliographic database on neuroscience.
In additional analyses it came out that there is a different focus with
respect to their publishing activity, between the EU countries on the
one side and the US on the other. While the EU (as a whole) seems to
focus more on the clinical side of the field, the US focuses more on the
fundamental side (neurophysiology, biochemistry etc.).
Before I will elaborate on this conclusion in the report, I would like
to get some comments or feedback on this finding. Does it ring a bell
If somebody is interested in the online version of the report (under
Thanks in advance,
Ed Noyons

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