Been akashasurfing with a gorilla in the zoo ...

Luni lunikpib at
Thu Apr 13 11:57:33 EST 2000

... and it was easier than with most sense-censored humans here. LOL!!!

That is THE joke on humanity of the millennium for me.

When will you finally admit that we are having main I areas in the
limbic system,
and not just us, the Homo Chimps who proved long enough that sticking
"sapiens" to the name of the own kind,
the Biggest Earth & Nature Parasite and worst of all kinds of&for Earth
& nature,
does not replace wisdom?

He was a person, held prisoner there, for the entertainment of Homo

All of us mammals have at least two I areas.

Admit that finally,
or at least to the own in the limbic system.

You know damn well enough what the back septal nuclei is in correlation
to the hippocampal stuff.

Quit in the age of the satellite to need to find out the access to the
own freedom for anyone in detail.
Admit that what neurology has been committing to persons of other kinds
held prisoners, abused, brain-mutilated and murdered,
crimes, that might till the end of the history of this planet be among
the very worst of it.

A shame for the homo chimp / humanity in front of others in the

Person-law questions should go through parliaments world-wide
immediately for all other mammals
and birds and octopei (others to follow).

4 II

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