Capgras syndrome

Gary William Murning gary at
Sun Apr 16 04:32:21 EST 2000

I'm currently looking for people with experience in the neurological
condition referred
to as Capgras syndrome, who would be prepared to help with information on
this particular area for a novel I'm currently researching.

As I understand it, Capgras syndrome occurs when there is damage to the
frontal lobes and the right side of the brain. This can be the result of an
accident or, I believe, can also be associated with manic-depression.

The condition (I believe) manifests itself primarily in an inability in the
patient to
recognise those with whom they are already familiar as anything more than a
'duplicate' of, as they see it, the original. A husband with this condition
will recognise his wife as his wife but will not see her as the wife she
was -- she will look the same, sound the same, behave in the same way, but
he will see her as, somehow, a replacement for the original. He will have
two wives; the one he knows he remembers and the one who doesn't fit the map
of the one he can remember (even though she does!).

If any anyone can help, please
reply to the NG or, if you prefer, email me directly.


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