Lipid Storage Myopathy

Angeline yamsc at
Wed Apr 19 12:10:10 EST 2000

Hi all,

I'm suffering from a rare disease known as Lipid Storage Myopathy. And I'm
now depending on carnitine and riboflavin tablets to keep my energy going.
My doctor told me that there isn't any cure for it at the moment....

I feel fine as long as I continue to take my carnitine frequently. But I
can't do strengous activties like bending down for too long, running ..., or
even swimming more then 5 laps continously.... .I get breathless rather
easily as well. But walking on a moderate pace is fine..

Just like to ask around if there are any medical suggestion or advice that I
can do to make my condition better permanently ? Or am I bond to stuck with
my medication of carnitine at the moment ? Thanks a lot !


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