Lipid Storage Myopathy

Jethro JTull at
Wed Apr 19 16:08:21 EST 2000

Hi Angeline,

There's quite a bit of info on the net that may be of use to you.   LSM is
not as rare as you may think.

The following links should give you a reasonable picture of the condition
and should lead to some pages which will give you some clues as to the long
term prognosis.

Angeline <yamsc at> wrote in message
news:8dkou3$l0r$1 at
> Hi all,
> I'm suffering from a rare disease known as Lipid Storage Myopathy. And I'm
> now depending on carnitine and riboflavin tablets to keep my energy going.
> My doctor told me that there isn't any cure for it at the moment....
> I feel fine as long as I continue to take my carnitine frequently. But I
> can't do strengous activties like bending down for too long, running ...,
> even swimming more then 5 laps continously.... .I get breathless rather
> easily as well. But walking on a moderate pace is fine..
> Just like to ask around if there are any medical suggestion or advice that
> can do to make my condition better permanently ? Or am I bond to stuck
> my medication of carnitine at the moment ? Thanks a lot !
> angeline

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