Lipid Storage Myopathy

cecelia at cecelia at
Wed Apr 19 23:57:27 EST 2000

Angeline (yamsc at wrote:

: Just like to ask around if there are any medical suggestion or advice that I
: can do to make my condition better permanently ? Or am I bond to stuck with
: my medication of carnitine at the moment ? Thanks a lot !

Can you tell me what were the symptoms you were experiencing when you had
this checked out and what kind of testing was done for same.  I have had a
muscle biopsy which just came back as non-specific myopathy.  My life long
symptoms are hypoglycemia, excercise intolerance, fatigue on physical
activity, muscle pains and other things as well.  I can't give you any
suggestions I'm afraid as I can't find out what I've got-doctors just give
up after a while it seems.  Thanks



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