Implantable Microstimulator Powered via Inductive Link....

rbain rogerblain at
Thu Apr 20 00:03:16 EST 2000

I can't speak to induction, but sizewise, things is a
shrinkin'.  Guidant makes pacemakers as small as 10.5 cc's
and AICDs at 39cc's. I believe that every cardiac medical
manufacturers current rhythm management devices employ
two-way telemetry. In addition to polling, most are now
programmable. The comm portion of these devices is quite
small. Most of the circuitry is dedicated to decoding input
from the leads, accelerometer, etc. and to generating a
pulse and/or a cardioverting shock.. Teams of engineers work
on each new device with the twin goals of enhanced
functionality and size reduction.  The designs of these
circuits tend to be elegant with little wasted space. I
mention this with the thought in mind that it might be a
challenge to create compact circuitry for your application
unless you have considerable resources available. Many of
the components used in the smallest of these devices are not
'off-the-shelf' but, rather, are custom-built per circuit
requirements. The signal processing IC's are also custom
jobs. Oh, as a final note, while the AICD's are rather
large, two-thirds of their volume is occupied by the
battery( 6-7 year life!) and the high voltage capacitors.
Here's a link to Guidant:
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