Lipid Storage Myopathy

Angeline yamsc at
Thu Apr 20 07:46:25 EST 2000

hi cecelia,

I also had a muscle biopsy done that discovered this condition of mine. They
took out some samples of muscles from my upper arm and discovered large
amount of lipids molecules deposited not being able to absorbed by my body,
hence causing a lack of energy as fats eaten cannot be absorbed into my
muscles. It took a long time for the doctor to discover it and they were
almost on the verge of giving up.

Before my condition was discovered, I suffer from exercise intolerance as
well and even have difficulty walking normally for less then 50m. That means
to say, I was practically breathless even walking at moderate pace. I cannot
walk without feeling breathless at all. There was also muscle pain on where
the energy were lack of, my legs especially. The pain was like some kind of
cramps. I couldn't find the strenght even to lift myself and get onto a bus.
In a nutshell, everything wasn't normal...

I'm now on medication on a supplement known as Carnitine. 1000mg per day.
together with riboflavin tablets of 100mg per day. I feel much much better
then before, at least I can walk without feeling breathless now. But
strengous exercise and activities still exhaust me easily compare to another
normal person.

If I'm not wrong, carnitine is consumed by many as a dietary supplement for
a work out in strengous exercise. And should be available is certain
speciality pharmacy.

May I know where u are from ?
Please do not hesitate to ask if in doubt : ) Good Luck !


<cecelia at> wrote in message news:38fe8027 at
> Angeline (yamsc at wrote:
> : Just like to ask around if there are any medical suggestion or advice
that I
> : can do to make my condition better permanently ? Or am I bond to stuck
> : my medication of carnitine at the moment ? Thanks a lot !
> Can you tell me what were the symptoms you were experiencing when you had
> this checked out and what kind of testing was done for same.  I have had a
> muscle biopsy which just came back as non-specific myopathy.  My life long
> symptoms are hypoglycemia, excercise intolerance, fatigue on physical
> activity, muscle pains and other things as well.  I can't give you any
> suggestions I'm afraid as I can't find out what I've got-doctors just give
> up after a while it seems.  Thanks
> Regards
> Cecelia

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