ion channels - resonance frequency?

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Thu Apr 20 11:31:32 EST 2000

Just because something involves electrical effects does not mean that there
are associated resonances.

Voltage gated ion channels are sensitive to the electric field across the
cell membrane.  The membrane has the properties of an RC circuit, and
so acts as a low-pass filter with a time constant on the order of
Therefore, frequencies greater than a kilohertz or so are attenuated and
certainly radio frequencies are totally ineffective.

The channels are also proteins, and have the same types of physical-chemical
properties as other proteins.  These include a variety of molecular
bending, and rotating energies (resonances).  These are usually in the
region and higher.

It is hard to find a particular effect of radio frequencies on tissue other
perhaps heating.  All that notwithstanding, there is a substantial internet
literature (though not primary scientific literature) about mind control
specific frequencies, usually associated with secret military research

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> hi group,im thinking that, since ion channels operate electrically,there
> could exist some resonance frequencies of electro-magnetic waves such that
> the channel activity is altered,e.g. forced to open/closed states.  If
> frequencieshappens to be in the radio range,  then they could beexploited,
> say,  for use in non-invasive stimulation.has any research been done re
> topic? thanks:)kyan1 at
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