Looking for an EEG device

Richard Norman rsnorman at mediaone.net
Sun Apr 23 19:14:14 EST 2000

Good luck!  An AC preamplifier with sufficient gain, low noise, proper
frequency response, differential input with common mode rejection,
and, suitable electrical isolation to protect the subject against any
failure in the grounding or power supply circuit is likely to cost at
least a several hundred dollars per channel.  The preamps alone would
exceed your budget.  You don't give any hint in your address as to where
you might be doing the work.  Perhaps making an arrangment with
a physiology or neurology group at your institution (or at a local hospital)
would be a good solution.

An outfit called Ultramed regularly posts ads on this group advertising
used equipment.
They might have something.  I have no idea whether or not they are
reliable or reasonable in price.

Steve Jacobson <stevej#Nospam##@dji.com> wrote in message
news:rgs6gsocmhfopmtplnj1d05h515e5ct5lq at 4ax.com...
Does anyone out there know of a fairly good, low-cost (under $3000) 8-16
EEG device that can be connected to a PC for data analysis?  I am a
student looking to purchase such a device for a research project.

Thanks in advance.

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