Anyone read about that electronic eye chip?

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> NiCODEMiS, yo at, wrote on Thu, 27 Apr 2000:
> > I saw on altavista, some research company in france
> > came out with some chip that is far superior to the
> > stuff thats currently being used.  I think it's modeled
> > after the human retinae. They said when mass produced,
> > it's cost would be around $6? Anyone else hear about it?
> The Generic Visual Perception Processor (GVPP) chip is one of
> the robotic vision resources for which you will find links at
> : PD AI Vision.

There's also the Mitsubishi Artificial Retina you can find
interfacing details on my homepage.
BTW: is the GVPP real, or a the figment of someones vivid imagination? It
all seems too good to be try, and some of the tech terms don't ring true

forever the disbeliever...

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