Anyone read about that electronic eye chip?

Julien Cuquemelle julien at
Fri Apr 28 09:19:28 EST 2000

Hi all

> I thought LISP was the lingua franca  of AI - am I hopelessly out of date?

I'd like to have an extra information concerning this sentence

What does the term AI exactly mean ?
More precisely, what kind of technics are part of AI ?

 Is soft computing a subset of AI, or is it something completely different ?

If not, I don't understand why there should be A specific langage for AI. I
for sure would rather implement a Fuzzy inference engine in C than in Lisp

Moreover, if AI includes such different things as soft computing, logical
programmation or expert systems, I don't think a single langage could
comfortabely deal with all their specificities.

Any comments about this topic ?


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