Anyone read about that electronic eye chip?

j nospam at
Sat Apr 29 00:02:01 EST 2000

"Nick Ray" <spam at spam.more.spam> wrote:

>j wrote in message ...
>>   Too bad that FORTH is such an awful anachronistic
>>   language. Nobody thinks in stacks ...  :-)
>Plenty do, especially if they cut their teeth on assembly language

   Really ? 

   I started on assembly language with the 6502 in my VIC-20
   and then did a lot on the origninal IBM-PCs because the
   original system lacked a lot of options. Now I do PIC chips.

   Never ONCE did I feel inclined to organize things in stacks.
   Memory-mapped, always. It's the human way. 

>My HP-16C calculator is stack-based (RPN) and anyone with a
>PostScript printer is really using Forth on a daily basis,
>they just don't know it  

   Time to change then ...

   FORTH is a old-tyme leftover from when memory was a
   small and precious resource. It has no place today -
   not even on PIC chips with their limited resources.


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