Alternate model of consciousness

Chip Connaugh logmiosNOloSPAM at
Sat Apr 29 18:52:42 EST 2000

    I have a new model of human consciousness that offers an alternate
neurological substrate for creativity, which while not excluding the
typical dichotomous bisection of hemispheric asymmetry includes that as-
pect only in terms of its conscious representation labors. Human intell-
ectual abstract processing is also assumed to take place in a manner not
commonly realized. It begins with Karl Pribam and David Bohms holograph-
ic paradigm and extends it from a basically cellular mnemonic level, and
raises it to a systems level with implications forimplimentation in an
artificial intelligence medium. I outlined some aspects in a RemarqQ
consciousness forum where it received scant notice so I am resubmitting
it here. If interested please respond. Thank You.

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