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Sun Apr 30 19:48:05 EST 2000

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>I don't think your observations of Forth vs C are accurate.
 Whenever I get a whiff of a  potential pissing contest it prompts me
to descend down to my archives and dredge up this old gem:

>How to shoot yourself in the foot   (on computer languages)
>(revised and enhanced by Particle Man)
>C: You shoot yourself in the foot.  
>FORTRAN: You shoot yourself in every toe, slowly, one by one,  
>until all toes are used up. Then you read the next foot and  
>repeat the process. You will continue, even though you have  
>used up all the ammunition, because there's no routine for  
>exception handling.   
>FORTH: You were scratching one foot with another when the
>gun went off.  You end up using one bullet to shoot yourself
>through both feet.
>PL/I: You use up all the system resources including the  
>off-line ammunition. DP and personnel management double their
>size, triple their budgets, buy four new mainframes and let the 
>old one drop on your foot.   
>Pascal: The compiler won't let you shoot yourself in the foot.   
>Algol: You shoot yourself in the foot with a musket. The musket 
>is fascinating in aesthetic respects and the wound confuses the  
>young nurse in the first-aid room.   
>Modula-2: After discovering that you will never ever be able to  
>manage anything in this language you shoot yourself in the head. 
>Ada: If you're stupid enough to engage in this language the US  
>ministry of defense will kidnap you, put you in front of an  
>execution squad and command: Shoot at his feet!   
>C++: You incidentally create a dozen instances of yourself and  
>shoot all of them in the foot.  First aid isn't possible, as it  
>cannot be decided which instances are bit-accurate copies and which 
>only point to other ones: "Over there that's me."   
>Smalltalk: You are spending so much time playing with the graphics 
>and the windowing system, that your boss will shoot you in the foot, 
>take away your work station and has you coding Cobol on a  
>character-based terminal.   
>Lisp: You will shoot into the accessory, which holds the gun, that  
>you are using to shoot into the accessory....   
>Prolog: You try to shoot yourself in the foot, but the bullet,  
>which misses the target, ricochets into the gun which explodes in your 
>Visual Basic: You pay Microsoft an inordinate amount of money, then  
>they put a control right there on the button bar that shoots you in the  
>foot.  If you don't like the implementation, fine - shoot your foot in  
>another language. But don't forget to buy WIN95 first.

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