Alternate model of consciousness

Chip Connaugh logmiosNOloSPAM at
Sun Apr 30 20:34:52 EST 2000

  Please forgive my terse reply to the answers I received. I didn't re-
alize I hadn't pointed any would be readers in the direction of my RE-
MARQ Q "consciousness' forum in the RemarqQ alt.consc. neurology page
originating 2/11/00, updated twice on 2/19/00, and again on3/6/00. I re-
alize I may not have presented a detailed point by point presentation of
the inductive and deductive abstract processing I undertook to arrive at
my conclusions,in fact I present only the basics in my forum; however
the possibilities suggested even by those basics would render a revolu-
tionary change in the way AI is processed---a quantum computer mimicking
human intellectual and creative processing. I only hoped to spark dialog
ue from those persons who could understand. Again apologies and I await
further critique and discussion.

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