Alternate model of consciousness

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>  Please forgive my terse reply to the answers I received. I didn't re-
>alize I hadn't pointed any would be readers in the direction of my RE-
>MARQ Q "consciousness' forum in the RemarqQ alt.consc. neurology page
>originating 2/11/00, updated twice on 2/19/00, and again on3/6/00. I re-
>alize I may not have presented a detailed point by point presentation of
>the inductive and deductive abstract processing I undertook to arrive at
>my conclusions,in fact I present only the basics in my forum; however
>the possibilities suggested even by those basics would render a revolu-
>tionary change in the way AI is processed---a quantum computer mimicking
>human intellectual and creative processing. I only hoped to spark dialog
>ue from those persons who could understand. Again apologies and I await
>further critique and discussion.
Although I really think that if you want response from this group you also 
should post to this group I went to remarq and tried to find the group or 
your posting and couldn't.

I really don't know why I keep writing this, because frankly it's you who 
wants comments and fails to provide the thing to comment on, but maybe you 
should consider posting whatever theory you devised instead of non working 
references to difficult to find groups.


Death to all fanatics!

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