What the Neocortex Does

Oliver Sparrow ohgs at chatham.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 2 03:00:40 EST 2000

herwin at gmu.edu (Harry Erwin) wrote:

>That only shows that bats compute. It does not show that they use a
>non-symbolic means of computation. 

Given only behavioral evidence, how could one discriminate between the two?
Could one? Perhaps the answer lies in testing the solution, rather than
computing it. How does one know that the methodology (and thus the answer)
is correct? Symbolic systems would test in quite different ways from
non-symbolic ones, I think.

Also, are the two actually different in some fundamental, topological way?
Or are they our view of different layers of a process? T-C would suggest
so: that the non-S is underpinned by at least potentially S. I think not,
but there you go...

Oliver Sparrow

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